About Me

Indie Folk singer-songwriter Nocturnne writes songs that draw from her connection to herself and the Earth, her love for travel and adventure, and her passion for environmentalism and humanitarianism. Her songs feature her smooth, dreamy vocals and simple but catchy melodies and acoustic guitar lines. In the words of NY Rockstar Photographer - "[She has a] Rock n Roll look, folk sound, and voice of an angel!"

Nocturnne was born and raised just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, but now calls the Adirondack Mountains of northern NY home. When not wandering the mountains and lakes and writing new music, she works as an engineer, having earned a doctorate degree with experience in multiple fields of Engineering.

Beginning in Spring of 2022, Nocturnne decided to follow her heart's greatest passion and pursue songwriting professionally. Shortly after writing her first few songs, she had the honor to play in the singer-songwriter circle event at the Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg NY, and was thrilled at the crowd's reception of her songs!

Nocturnne is currently working with a recording studio on her second single on her upcoming album - Time Slows Down! Her first album Wanderful Dreams is due to be released in Summer 2023.